What Many Press Release Distribution Services Don’t Want You To Know About SEO

seo press release benefits E-A-T

We live in a world dominated by search engine optimization. Every website owner needs to know how to rank their website on search engines. But with so many strategies available, it’s difficult to single out which strategy will be the most effective for you!
Are you a business owner or marketer looking for new ways to promote your website? Does the idea of having your content on multiple websites appeal to you? You might want to consider incorporating press releases into your SEO strategy.
Press release submission is one of the most popular forms of online advertising and digital marketing, and there are many benefits to using them in your SEO efforts. From gaining backlinks to leveraging media outlets that can get your content seen by plenty of people, press releases really pack a punch when it comes to search engine optimization.
In this article, I’ll discuss the various benefits of submitting well-executed press releases as part of an SEO strategy and how they can help increase website visibility and traffic.

Press Release Optimization

Press release optimization is an important part of any SEO strategy. By optimizing your press releases for search engines, you can ensure that they are visible to the right people and have a greater chance of being picked up by media outlets.

When optimizing your press releases for SEO, there are several key elements to consider:

1. Write your release about a newsworthy event and to include relevant keywords in the title and body of your well-written press release. This will help search engines understand what your content is about and make it easier for them to index it.

2. Include anchor links to your website or blog in the press release. These links will help drive more traffic to your site and give you valuable backlinks that can improve your search rankings.

3. Use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote your online press release news story and get more people to read them.

4. Submit your press releases to high-authority media release sites for greater visibility and reach.

press releases for SEO

Press release submission will offer:

1. Increased Visibility: Submitting press releases to various websites can help increase the visibility of your website or blog, and create more opportunities for your target audience to find out about you and what you do.

2. Quality Backlinks: By including links back to your website in the press release, you can gain quality back links which can help improve your website’s SEO rankings.

3. Increased Traffic: By submitting press releases to various websites, you can increase the chances of people finding out about your website or blog and visiting it. Syndicating your news story to multiple  media sites can lead to more traffic and potential customers for your business.

4. Media Outreach: Submitting press releases to media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and TV stations can help you get your content seen by a wider audience. Securing media placements on major news sites can be especially beneficial for businesses looking to increase their reach and visibility.

Expertise, Authority & Trust (E-A-T)

Many press release distribution services do not allow you to include author bylines with individual authors linking back to their own personal websites or bios, which means you won’t get any E-A-T benefits. E-A-T is a great way to boost your website’s authority and the E-A-T of individual authors by allowing them to link back to their own personal websites or bios, which in turn can attract larger brands and receive more shares. Boosting the authority of your website helps you reach your target audience by increasing your visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

E-A-T is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. E-A-T is a new algorithm by Google that helps to determine the quality of web page content producing an unbiased ranking factor. E-A-T is a key tenet in Google’s recent algorithm update. Many press release distribution services are not beneficial for SEO and can even hurt your rankings on Google due to the inherent nature of traditional press releases, duplicating content on hundreds of sites and blogs.

seo press release benefits E-A-T

 Original Source Article

When the distribution company’s site is the original source of the news story rather than your website, in press release articles, then the distribution company benefits from all of these powerful news links. You may only get a small residual benefit in a short term boost in rankings.
By linking back to the news story on your website as the original source of the story, it helps with search ranking factors and other ranking signals such as page rank, domain age, number of incoming links and the number of shares on a page. E-A-T feeds into many other Google algorithms, including email alerts and news results in search, creating many long term authoritative and trustworthy signals for your site. With authority and trust, your site is seen as an expert which helps to boost your rankings substantially way.
Now some people will argue that they’ve had success with the press distribution services who put themselves as the source, so it is possible, however, results can vary and over time the benefits can diminish. Also, depending on how competitive your industry or search term is, it may take multiple submissions, not know the optimal balance between the number of release submissions, do follow and no follow links and link diversity.

Signals that Google Loves

PressFrolic’s SEO Press Distribution Packages are optimized and satisfies Google’s requirements in a very unique and proprietary way.

  • First, after we receive your order, we schedule a time to consult with you to review your goals and your website to make suggestions for optimal results.
  • When you elect to use our high-quality writers to create a relevant and informative article for all of your submissions is included in our packages. You will review it before we distribute it through our curated distribution network.
  • Schema is built into every press article submitted. News sites on our distribution list post our submission whit schema intact.
  • Our backend system has many functions that create many signals once your article is submitted.
  • Our press releases are live for a minimum of 6 months rather than the typical 30-day flush that most press release distribution companies can offer. Your press article is also permanently archived on our archival site for long term SEO benefits.
  • Since we approach distribution with SEO in mind, we can post up to 2500 words of content, 5 images, 5 videos and embed Google maps with the Google API in each article. Taking advantage of the maximum use of attribution using various media. The results for the sites in the Google Maps 3 pack listings experience higher rankings.
  • Submitted to voice search and the digital assistant ecosystem through Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Less is more. Our SEO Press Release Submission Service is a full-service solution. Instead of submitting your press article to hundreds of low-quality news sites, blogs, syndication sites, etc…we submit to only a couple of dozen tier 1 news, radio and TV sites. Giving you high quality over quantity.
  • We build a newsroom on your site to house all releases submitted through our SEO submission packages. This newsroom page on your website allows you to become the source of origin for all published articles. This is a huge benefit since you are not sharing or lending the canonical with the PressFrolic. We are not mentioned anywhere on your releases or newsroom! Your newsroom also includes a media gallery, links to your social profiles, and the option to use the blogging function will be soon as well as other enhancements in the next quarters as well as in 3rd quarter 2022.
  • For additional social signals, we also build a social wall for you to increase relevancy for your website in the eyes of Google.

SEO Press Release Distribution 

Whether you’re looking for international audience exposure or press coverage from online influencers in your local market, E-A-T is vital in order to boost your organic search engine rankings.
For this reason, we are able to offer a completely white hat SEO press release distribution service that will help boost E-A-T for your website or blog without compromising newsworthiness. The SEO Press Release Distribution Service is an all white hat SEO powerful strategy that works. We understand what goes into building credibility and trust with the public, so it’s our primary focus to place quality press articles on media outlets that increase E-A-T. We have no interest in distributing press articles on sites with content quality issues or site slugs with notoriously low E-A-T scores, so our SEO press release distribution allows our clients to push up their rankings on Google.

press release distribution
E-A-T score

In conclusion, distributing a strong press release to quality media sites is an effective SEO strategy that can help increase online authority, website visibility, gain quality backlinks, create instant exposure, and drive more referral traffic to your website. Optimizing your press releases for search engines and submitting them to various media outlets, will increase your website’s E-A-T score and boost your organic rankings. Adding this strategy to your digital marketing efforts will help you achieve your SEO goals and improve your online visibility.


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