Online Newsroom: How Exceptional Companies Benefit

online newsroom

 An online newsroom is a great way for small businesses to house the press articles on new products, services, or events by storing these stories on their website. The media room is a marketing tool allowing potential customers to view a company’s latest public relations efforts in one place.

online newsroom
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Why is an online newsroom important?

A newsroom provides a place for visitors to learn about your business and find the most recent updates. An online newsroom also allows you to keep track of multiple stories in one place and keep up with the progress. Another benefit of having an online newsroom is that there are no additional expense for hosting or domain name registration fees since it can be stored on your current domain. All these benefits make an online newsroom very beneficial for any business.

How do I create a custom newsroom?

You may have to enlist your developer to create a place on your website to present the latest news and syndicated articles on your company. It should contain the contact information of your media or public relations person and should regularly be updated when a news story is sent for press submission.

To get the maximum SEO value from your media room, there are a few features we recommend.

  1. Schema markup – Use schema markup so search engines know precisely how to index each article. Schema mark up is microdata added to the code of your page to help the search engines to correctly represent your page in the SERPs. 
  2. Multimedia Content – Using Images to enhance valuable content help add visual interest to text-based posts. They help break down long paragraphs into smaller chunks. Videos help keep visitors engaged and allows them to retain more information through visualization.
  3. Alt Text – When using photos include alt text which describes the image. This allows your images to rank in the image search, possibly generating more traffic when they are clicked on.
  4. Links – Link back to relevant web pages within your site will help to boost the rankings of those pages since interlinking is an important rank factor for SEO.
  5. Social media Links – Social media is an important signal for SEO to improve rankings. It also provides a way for your visitors to both follow you on social platforms. Journalist will also be interested in reviewing past content you posted to get an idea about your brand voice.

Submit News Releases Consistently

To take full advantage of having a newsroom on your website, press releases must be submitted regularly. The benefits of submitting press releases consistently are numerous. First and foremost is that it increases traffic to your site by providing fresh content for visitors every day or week. It also helps build brand awareness because you’re constantly communicating with new people about what’s going on in your industry. Finally, it can help increase sales if you have products or services promoted through your press release announcements.


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Publishing press articles to your website has many benefits, including:
  • Increasing Traffic – Having press articles available on your website gives readers something fascinating to look at instead of just looking around your homepage. When someone comes across a piece of content on your website, they want more than just a single page of content. If necessary, they’ll click over to another link, but they still want to learn more about the topic covered in the post. By publishing press articles throughout the month, you give them plenty of reasons to visit your site again and again.
  •  Building Brand Awareness – Your audience doesn’t only consist of current clients; they might even consist of prospects who find out about your company via social networks or other websites. Publishing press articles shows your audience that you care enough about them to provide them with valuable information and updates about your brand. You could potentially reach thousands of people all at once!
  • Help Increase Sales – One way to boost revenue is to advertise your product or service to potential customers. A great way to do this indirectly in a none salesy way, is through press articles. By posting press articles, you let your target market see that you are credible to news outlets and you’ve got something worth reading. And since they already found your website, the chances are good that they’ll check out how newsworthy you are by visiting your newsroom.
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Advantages of Creating an Online Newsroom

An online newsroom that provides access to news articles has several distinct advantages over traditional methods of distributing news, such as newspapers and magazines. These benefits include:

  • Increased Visibility – An online newsroom allows you to distribute news stories quickly and easily without relying on third parties like print publications. Instead, you control when and where your news gets published. As soon as you submit a press release, it will appear instantly on one or multiple sites depending on your agreement.
  • More Control Over Content – With an online newsroom, you don’t need permission from anyone else before you publish anything. In addition, you get complete control over everything that appears on your site.
  • News Archives – Past news stories are stored permanently on the website creating a historical timeline of the company’s milestones and achievements.
  • Easier Access – Since there aren’t any physical limitations regarding time or space, you can create a newsroom anywhere you choose. No matter how big or small your business may seem, you can always make room for a few extra pages dedicated to sharing important updates with your community. 

Our Newsroom Solution

The newsroom that we provide works in conjunction with our press release distribution service. Immediately after a press release is submitted through our high-quality and authoritative network, it is added to the media room displayed on your website, and all the pick-up links are archived on each article page. The pick-up links are archived forever, and the news story posted on news sites lasts for up to 6 months which allows maximum benefit when it comes to SEO and ranking.

We also provide social links, media uploads like images, video, and Google Map display through API calls, not embeds. All press articles submitted through our service include full schema markup, voice search optimizations, do-follow and no-follow link balance on these authoritative news sites and in the custom newsroom.

Over the next few months, the ability to add blog articles,  advance Google My Business posting support, expanding our network of news sites and other features will be rolled out. Providing a well-rounded system for effective content marketing that will help our clients in

If you would like to learn more, contact us to discuss your options.


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