Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of press release distribution?

Press release distribution is a process for publishing news to media outlets in order to publicize an organisation or individual's announcements, goals and other types of content. The benefits of having press releases distributed are that they generate exposure for your organization and help get the word out on what you're doing.

How much traffic can each Press Release attract?

The amount of traffic generated from the distribution of one press release varies greatly depending on many different variables including:• The type of content in the press release• The geographic location where the press release was distributed• The time at which the press release was released• Whether the press release included any links to other websites• How well optimized the press release is for Google Search• What types of social networks were used to distribute the press release• Which platforms were used to share the press release with others• If there was an email campaign involved

How long does it take for the Press Release to be distributed?

Depending upon how busy our servers are, we usually have a turnaround time between 1-2 days after receiving your request. However, if the volume of requests exceeds our capacity or if there is some sort of technical issue that prevents us from processing them within this timeframe, we may need more than 2 business days to process all of your requests. We will notify you via e-mail when your press releases go live.

Can I include images, video or sound recordings into my press release?

bsolutely! We have no problem including multimedia content into your press release. However, if you choose to use this option, we ask that you give credit where credit is due. That means giving proper attribution. Also, remember that each packages that we offer have varies requirements. Please review the packages on the service that you want.

Can I bulk purchase your press release?

Yes, we do. Please reach out to us for special bulk pricing.

Do I get a report on the distribution?

Yes, you will receive a report in PDF or a link to the live report depending on the distribution you choose after the submission process is complete.

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